Twomon is an interesting piece of software. The software allows you to extend your Mac or PC’s desktop with the help of either an iOS or Android device. Twomon PC Program is free. But you do have to pay for the mobile apps, on either one of the desired platforms.

Twomon Usb For PC

Important Fact:

There’s one interesting fact is that there are two separate apps for both Android and iOS, called

  • TwomonAir
  • TwomonUSB


It relies on the more modern wireless technology towards achieving the same result.


It allows you to create a dual monitor setup between your computer and mobile devices. The app works smartly to enable you to get extra display screen space so that you can display your work on other PCs or laptops.

All you do is set an automatic login and you will access your work/game and other stuff on several monitors.
It is also effortless to use. When you are using it across sub-networks, all you do is enter the IP address of the PC you are using, and you will get logged into the app.

It is the perfect software for use with gamers that want to play in groups. It is also a great tool for graphic designers, producers, artists, photographers and other professionals that need a lot of screen space to carry-out their work.


As we know that Twomon USB is an outstanding app. But we have used this tool personally on Laptops and found it as useful as it is on Android. Because we use the best Android emulators to download it.

  • After you have installed an Emulator on your Computer, run it.
  • See the startup and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • From the main interface of the emulator, open Google Play Store.
  • Type Twomon USB in the search bar of the play store and hit Enter.
  • Now click on the install button and wait for a while.
  • When the Twomon USB for PC is installed, you can open it from the home interface of the Emulator.


I recommend you to use TwomonUSB which is simple and fast. Tablet and computer can be used as a dual monitor easily by connecting with TwomonUSB. It is stable while using it since it is not affected by the network. It also provides the fast video play with Average 40 frames/sec of smooth display output.

So without much ado try this amazing app and let us know in the comment section below!

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