Train Taxi is a very easy and simple game developed by Say Games. The past few months in the mobile gaming world have been sort of dull. Most of the games that have been released are extremely boring to play. You get bored after five minutes of playing. Recently we have seen a few games that are trying to turn the train around. The game Train Taxi is an entertaining game that will help you kill time or just entertain yourself.

Train taxi

How to Play The Mobile Game Train Taxi!

Train Taxi is low stress and a sort of casual puzzle game that challenges players to complete a number of levels that become increasingly difficult as you progress through them. Here is the following method: how you play the game Train Taxi!

Train taxi level

Playing the game Train Taxi is extremely simple and easy. It can be played with one finger or even your ear lobe. The main objective of this game is to collect all of the passengers that are scattered around a track system through a town. There are just people not many businesses or Eye Doctors. To pick up the passengers make the train drive by them. Every time your train comes to an intersection you will have the option to choose which section of track it goes down. To select the section just swipe in the direction of the section of track you want your train to go down. To complete a level, you must pick up all the passengers without letting your train hit itself.

Your train gets longer every time you pick up a passenger. As your train gets longer it becomes more and more likely that you will run into your own train. If you run into yourself the level will fail and you will have to start over. It is sort of like the classic game snake. If you run into any other part of the train or the tail of the train, you fail the level. There are some techniques you can use to avoid running into your own train in the game Train Taxi:

Train Taxi Tips and Cheats To Help You Beat Every Level

There are some different trains of thought that can be used to help you beat more levels. There are some helpful tips and cheats that you can use to beat more levels in the game Train Taxi faster.

Tip #1 – Take The Long Way Around Town

As your train gets longer you should take the route that provides the most track length for the train to travel. By doing this you don’t run out of space and run out of options down the road. When you come to an intersection you always want to have the ability to have multiple different track section choices. Make sure choosing the longest sections of track, you will be able to avoid collisions with the back end of your train.

Taxi Train tips

Tip #2 – Patience Think Patience

Every game requires to be patient and think about what you are doing. Unlike in the game AMAZE, where you can swipe randomly and still get away with beating the level. In Train Taxi swiping randomly will come back to bite you in the rear end. You just need to think about how long your train is and how much track space is available on each path. After that choose the longest path.

How Many Levels Are in The game Train Taxi?

Game Train Taxi contains different levels. Each level is slightly different from others. It provides you with a different challenge. Many players raised the question “how many different challenging levels are in the game Train Taxi?”

We are not exactly sure how many different levels are in the game Train Taxi. We asked the developer if they could provide us with the exact number of levels but they did not give us anything useful.


Some people thought there may be infinite levels in the game. This could be a possibility. We have noticed that some levels repeat. Make sure that the game just repeats levels but with a different level number. So there is no way to beat all the levels, you will just keep seeing repeats of previous levels.

Whether there are finite different levels in the game Train Taxi or an infinite amount, we are going to track the highest level ever reached in the game on this page.


Android Emulator is an application that helps Windows and other OS to run Android games and applications smoothly. When you run an Android Emulator, it hides the identity of Windows and transforms it into an Android-like platform. So, every Android game and app works on Windows like you are running it on Android devices.

There are different Android Emulators available online such as MEmu, BlueStacks, Nox Player and many others. I will recommend BlueStacks in this context. BlueStacks is compatible with all versions of Windows and Google Chrome

You can download it from here.

How To Install Taxi Train On PC, Windows & Mac:

  • Download BlueStacks.
  • Once, the downloading is over double-click to the downloaded file and install it to your Windows.
  • Now, Download the Train Taxi apk file.
  • You will see the “App Drawer” of BlueStacks.
  • Now, drag-and-drop the Train Taxi apk from the “Downloads” to the “App Drawer” of Bluestacks.
  • The downloaded apk link will be active.
  • Double-click the apk and select “Install’ from the page appears in BlueStacks App-Drawer.
  • After installation, you see the page of “Terms and Conditions.”
  • Click “I Agree” to move ahead.
  • Your game is ready to launch now. Click “Open” to launch the game.
  • Enjoy playing it on your Windows PC.
  • You can follow the same steps if you want to download it on Mac.


Train Taxi is a very simple and casual game. Due to its simple structure, it is immensely popular among all the family members. Even children, mature people, and youngsters want to play it in their free time.  Mostly, people prefer to get it on their Android phones so that they could keep their game anywhere. However, some people want to play this addictive game on bigger screens such as PC and Mac.

Comment below to share what level you are currently working on in the mobile game Train Taxi! Do you really like this game? Also, share your reviews about this game?