Welcome to our guide on how to get stronger in Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, increasing your character’s overall stats and leveling your character fast in the game.

Completing stages

Once you are done with the tutorial, do the normal stages as far as you can. The further you progress, you will unlock more modes in the game. This game unlocks everything once you completed stage 4-10. Try to complete the stages with 3 stars so that you can unlock the skip battle for that stage to instantly complete the stage for you. Make sure to collect as many Gold as you can during a stage as most upgrades require Gold.

If you are unable to complete a stage, you can do the previous stage and farm until you gain some levels. I suggest also to do the EXP raid for more EXP as the EXP raid stages will reset daily.

Upgrade character

There are 4 types of items that you can upgrade each containing its own stats:

  • ATK
  • DEF
  • HP
  • CRIT

You can use Gold to upgrade an item, once an item reaches every 10 levels, you will require Gems in order to upgrade further. Each subsequent upgrade increases the number of Gold required to upgrade but also increases the stat gained from the upgrade.

Stickman Legends Shadow Wars characters

If somehow you are running out of Gold, I suggest doing those states that have a lot of enemies like 1-14, 2-14, 3-14, 4-14, 5-14 and 6-14. The reason being is that not only it drops lots of Gold but also a lot of recipes and it only consumes 10 stamina per stage. You can also do the Challenges like the Survival, Trick Game and the Gold Raid (Main Menu->Challenge) for more Gold.


You can also use your Gold to upgrade skills which will help you during stages. Upon reaching level 45, you will be able to unlock up to 4 active skills. You can tap on any of the skills to see the skill description. What skills to invest in is basically up to you, just take note you cannot reset your skills once you unlock them so think carefully. My skill build is more towards survivability and Gold farming since I feel that your character gets to level up pretty fast and Gold is very important in this game. Unlocking a skill requires Gems and each subsequent upgrade increases the number of Gold required to upgrade a skill.

Stickman Legends Shadow Wars Skills


The Accessory feature is basically your equipment where you can craft different accessories like weapons or armor. You will need recipes in order to craft an accessory where it can be obtained from the Shop, Black Market, Chests or killing monsters from stages. If you have enough Gems, you can open the Diamond chests for higher rarity recipes. Crafting a recipe will require different materials and Gold/Gems. You can tap the material that you want to farm and the game will show you different locations on where to obtain.

Stickman Legends Shadow Wars accessories

Once successfully crafting an accessory, you can equip these accessories to boost your character’s stats. The higher the rarity of the accessory, the higher the stats it gives. Your character will only have 2 slots to equip your accessories so take note. If you have 2 or more of the same accessory, you can combine them to increase its rarity. Each successful combine will increase the accessory tier by 1 and each failure combine will decrease the accessory tier by 1. You can add Crystals like Moon Stones to increase the success rate or add Magic scrolls to protect your accessory from failure.


Survival – Survive as long as possible while killing enemies for lots of Gold, Gems, and recipes. You can use Gems for powerups like extra attack, health, attack speed or defense. The survival stage will end once the number of monsters reaches over 75 or if your character dies. You can play up to 3 times daily and require Gems if you want to continue. (Fastest way to obtain Gold)

Trick Game – Each round the wheel will spin and determines the difficulty and types of rewards that can be obtained. The higher the difficulty, the higher the monster stats. You can play up to 2 times daily and require Gems if you want to continue.

Stickman Legends Shadow Wars challenges

Raid – Each stage has its own BP (Overall power). You can see a character’s overall BP on the left side of the screen. I would recommend doing stages that have lower BP than your character for an easy victory.


You can battle against other players at the Arena (Main Menu->Arena->Ladder Battle/Arena). You will get to see your current ranking and overall power. The ranking system has different tiers from Pawn (lowest) to King (highest) which you will start at Pawn 5 for every season. The higher you climb, the more arena medals you will get. These arena medals can be used to exchange for items like materials, high rarity recipes, and costumes.

Stickman Legends Shadow Wars arena

There isn’t much strategy other than using your active skills to defeat your opponent as soon as you can. If you are unable to climb a certain tier, I suggest strengthening your character like getting better equipment or leveling up your character further.

Daily Logins and Quests

Even if you do not play this game often, I would suggest to at least log in every day (Main Menu->Daily Reward (Present Icon)) for the daily rewards such as Gold, stamina, Gems, and Coins. You will also obtain up to 30min of Auto Play daily where the game will control your character automatically when you start a battle which is a lifesaver for farming. I also recommend doing the daily quests (Main Menu->Daily Quests(Scroll Icon)) for Gold, stamina, and Gems as the daily quests will reset daily. You can also do the achievements for more rewards if you like.

Stickman Legends Shadow Wars quest

You can also gain access to the Lucky wheel where you can use your Coins to roll for different rewards. I suggest saving your Coins to use the 10 rolls so that you can get more rewards with fewer Coins required. You can also gain access to the black market to buy different items if you have enough Gems. Take note of the Online Gift and the Special Gift as well. You can claim free rewards once the countdown ends notably the high rarity accessory which gives a huge boost to your character stats. One more thing to note is that always save your progress (Main Menu->Floppy Disk icon->Save) after you have finished playing to prevent your game data from being deleted.

INSTALL Stickman Legends: Shadow War FOR PC (WINDOWS / MAC)

  • Download and install BlueStacks.
  • Open the installed BlueStacks and then open the Google Play Store in it.
  • Now search for “Stickman Legends: Shadow War” using the Play Store.
  • Install the game and open the app drawer or all apps in the emulator.
  • Click the Stickman Legends: Shadow War icon to open it, follow the on-screen instructions to play it.
  • You can also download Stickman Legends: Shadow War and installs via APK in the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  • You can also use Nox to install Stickman Legends: Shadow War


These are some basic tricks that can help you in enjoying the game as well as a perfect method to install it. If you face any difficulty then let us know in the comment section below!

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