OnPipe is a brand new and interesting game by SayGames that challenge you to avoid obstacles, earn coins, and get monstrous points. It’s a very simple casual game that you’ll only need one finger to play it. Just need to hold your finger on the screen and watch as you slice flowers, corn, bricks and more. We’ll help you on how to get a record high score. Come! Let’s have fun.

OnPipe How it Works:

OnPipe isn’t particularly difficult to play. You just need to understand one control mechanic: tap and hold on the screen. This mechanic tightens a rubber band around a pipe. Make sure you can’t just hold the rubber band down permanently. If the band comes with any colored section of pipe or if you hold your band onto the pipe when you’re about to hit a rise, it’s game over.


In this game, you want to collect every single kernel of corn. Whenever you collect a piece of corn in a section you get a 5x multiplier boost – but you’ll fill your cup of corn very quickly.

Why is that important and interesting? Well, you only get your reward when the cup is full. After filling a cup and you can sell it for cash that you can spend on band cosmetics and corn.

OnPipe Tips, Tricks & Cheats:

  •  Concentration Is Key

Concentration is the necessary factor in this game. You’ve to pay attention and avoid hitting any obstacles. As levels go up, it gets more challenging. Giving full concentration in this game will make all levels a walk in the park making you reach level 100 in no time.

  • Do Your Best To Get The Multiplier

Whenever you slice things (like corn, flowers, watermelon etc) in groups, you get a multiplier that increases your points. If you miss even one piece it will not give you the multiplier. Doing this in groups will increase the multiplier as well. The maximum multiplier is 5 per level. If you are unable to slice everything will remove the multiplier if you already have it.

  •  Use Your Coins To Change Pipes

Every level has an indicator that looks like a glass that fills up whenever you slice things. Coins are given to you on how much you slice. At the end of the level, coins are transferred to a bowl. When the bowl fills up to the brim, the coins in that bowl can then be collected. These coins can be used to purchase a variety of pipes.

  • Choose A Pipe That’s Less Distracting

The game has a variety of colourfull pipes that you can choose from. You can buy pipes using coins. However, some pipes are more distracting as they block your view of incoming obstacles. Pipes such as the leaves are slightly distracting as when you slice them, they fly all over the place.

Other pipes that are not that distracting are the blocks, scales, bricks and any other pipe that is similar. These pipes will make it easier to get the multiplier and also avoid hitting obstacles.


  • Slicer Appearance Isn’t Important

In OnPipe, you can change your slicer appearance. Changing a slicer’s appearance doesn’t add any benefits or additional perks. It just changes your game aesthetically. You can change your slicer’s appearance before you start a level by tapping on the slicer menu.

  • Watch Ads For Bonuses

Watching ads will give you a ton of advantages. It’s best to grab the opportunity to watch the ads when the game offers it to you. This isn’t always offered. So you should take advantage of it, just watch in order to not lose your multiplier. Another bonus that is given to you is getting slicer designs through watching ads.


How to Install OnPipe For PC:

MEmu App Player provides the best Android gaming experience on PC. When MEmu running, Android OS including all necessary Google services is ready for use. Easy to find and install your app in the Google play store. Open your MEmu App. Type OnPipe game in search bar and search. You will see the game icon. Just click on it. A window will open having the Install button on the right side. Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading. Once it installed! Start to play the game.


OnPipe is a fun puzzle and simple game with a simple style of play. It is released on July-15th-2019, developed by SayGames. It is easy to control and easy to play. In this game, players slice the corn, rocks, leaves or other things in an efficient way and collect the coins. Just be careful not to cut into obstacles.

The game is simple and fun, Let’s come and experience it! Give your reviews without any hesitation or ask any questions in the comment section below!