Magia: Charma Saga is a brand new side-scrolling RPG game for mobile by Superacid. It has just been released on mobile app stores. It has four playable characters. The characters are mage, ranger, swordsman, and tank. All these characters have a different attack style, skills, and story-line. The best thing is you can try each character on the login screen. You can switch between the characters or create a new one. The character selection screen will open. From there, you can switch to a different character. Now, let’s check how these four characters are different and what they offer unique – let’s figure this out!

Characters Skills:-

  • Tank – The guardian knight is the tank class character. He uses his shield and melee weapon in the battle. The shield protects his all body and absorbs all the damage.
  • Swordsman – Another character in Magia: Charma Saga game is Swordman. He uses his sword as a weapon and can deal with massive damage to the enemies in a combo pattern. With this special ability, enemies don’t even get the time to stand up.
  • Mage – A cute mage character who uses his magic wand power to attack the foes. If you love action games, then you should choose this one.
  • Ranger – She fights with the power of a dragon and deals massive damage to the enemies from a short-range. Her impressive skills can stop the enemy from being moving towards her or you can say that she can knockback the enemies.


As we know that Magia: Charma Saga is an outstanding app. But we have used this tool personally on Laptops and found it as useful as it is on Android. Because we use the best Android emulators to download it.

  • After you have installed an Emulator on your Computer, run it.
  • See the startup and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • From the main interface of the emulator, open Google Play Store.
  • Type Magia: Charma Saga in the search bar of the play store and hit Enter.
  • Now click on the install button and wait for a while.
  • When the Magia: Charma Saga for PC is installed, you can open it from the home interface of the Emulator.


You must play this amazing game and let us know in the comment section below!

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