Jelly Shift is a very fun and challenging casual mobile game. The game screen is very simple, and fresh. The gameplay is very exciting as well as interesting. In the game, the player needs to tap the screen and change the shape of the jelly and make it pass smoothly.


Although Jelly Shift is more difficult as compared to other games. the only way to fail a level is to fall into a gap. Also, the “fever mode” is far too easy to achieve and once you have it you can make it to the end of the level without taping on the screen.

How to Play The Mobile Game Jelly Shift!

The game Jelly Shift is easy to play but requires more skills. The object of the game Jelly Shift is to shift the shape of a cube of jelly so that it fits through various shapes. first match the shape before the blob of jelly reaches the gate. After hitting the gate you will slow down. The only thing will prevent you from doing is catching the piece of food that is running in front of you.

Jelly Shift requires tapping or touching the screen with one finger. To control the shape of your jelly, you must drag your finger up and down to change the shape. Dragging down makes the jelly short and wide while dragging up makes the jelly skinny and tall.

Jelly Shift Tips and Cheats To Help You Beat All of The Levels

We have taken some useful and most effective tips to play the game.

Tip 1 – Strive for Fever Mode

The first most interesting tip to play jelly shift is Fever Mode. If you get the first four or five gates perfectly, you will go into fever mode. Once you get into fever mode you will become invisible and perfectly beat the level.

Tip 2 – Focus on The Gaps

The second most effective cheat of Jewel Shift is Focus On Gaps. If you falling through a gap you fail a level. You just need to worry about one e thing i.e: gaps. Make sure that your jelly is flat and wide when you reach the gap. But If you are in fever mode you don’t even have to worry about it.

Tip 3 – Catch The Food to Get More Gems

In every level, there is a food item that is moving down the platform in front of you. If you catch the food (before you reach the finish line) you earn fifty purple gems. Using these gems you can purchase new skin or jellies. The food can be watermelon, popsicle, an apple or any other pastry. But if you catch the third piece of food in a row, you got one hundred purple gems (as a reward).

How Many Levels Are in The Game Jelly Shift?

Jelly Shift from SayGames LLC consists of a number of different levels that can be beaten.

Many players ask the same queststion“how many levels are there in the game Jelly Shift?” We try to set out to find the answer to this question. We found the strange considering that his company is challenging players to “beat all the levels”. Yet they do not know how many levels there are.

JellyShift level

When Will New Skins Be Added To The Game Jelly Shift?

One of the big complaints other than ads is the limited number of skins available to unlock. Many players are able to unlock all the skins in less than three days. Bu side by side some players raised the question “when will new skins be added to the game?”

More than likely we’ll see new skins added (soon..) in the next couple of updates!

When Will Challenges Mode Be Added To Jelly Shift?

On the Jelly Shift players have noticed the addition of a dummy button that says “Challenges” on the home screen. As the Challenge modes make the game more difficult.

Another question raised by players “when will Challenges mode be available on Jelly Shift?  As we know that it can take developers a long time to develop a new style of gameplay for a game. SayGames LLC seems like they are working on their games so we expect to see something new and more challenging soon.

How to play Jelly Shift on PC:

You just need to install an amazing MEmu App. MEmu App Player is designed to provide the best and amazing Android gaming experience on PC. When MEmu App running, android OS is ready for use. You can easily install the App from the Google play store, then open your Emulator app. Type Jelly Shift in search bar and search. You will see the game icon. Just click on it. A window will open having the Install button on the right. Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading.  Once it installed! Start playing the game and enjoy it!


The game Jelly Shift was released in June 2019 and was developed by SayGames LLC. JewelShift has a fair reputation on both iOS and Android platforms.It provides good signup for players to try more games released by SayGames. It changes the mindset. The game offers simple controls and easy mechanics. It looks like the mobile gaming world is in a place where games must be impossible to lose in order to be popular. But SayGames LLC is changing this and we love it!

Comment below to share your views as well as what level you are currently working on in the mobile game Jelly Shift!

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