InstLife is a time-wasting game. If you are just tired of boredom and have a lot of time to waste then this is the game you should play.

As its name suggests, this game is about running through your artificial life instantly. As it presents you with a screen showing several tabs. The first tab shows you how your life starts. Take a look through your virtual life and see how the events turn for you.

How to PLay?

When it starts you get to know about your family, your ethnicity and also your country as well. At the bottom of the screen is an Age button. While tapping this button passes away 1 year of your life. Taping it again passes more years. After every few years, you see your life progressing.

Life Progressing:

  • grow up
  • go to school
  • you see the retirement of your parents
  • go to high school
  • you go to university
  • learn driving
  • learn swimming
  • you get a job
  • get a promotion
  • you get fired and so on so forth.

Ending Point:

The end of the game is your death. While you are alive and you are aging, you can jump to other tabs and enjoy your life. The simplicity of the game is the whole game is played by tapping the buttons given on the screen. The concept of the game is to enjoy your artificial life while you can do absolutely nothing about it.


As we know that InstLife is an outstanding app. But we have used this tool personally on Laptops and found it as useful as it is on Android. Because we use the best Android emulators to download it.

  • After you have installed an Emulator on your Computer, run it.
  • See the startup and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • From the main interface of the emulator, open Google Play Store.
  • Type InstLife in the search bar of the play store and hit Enter.
  • Now click on the install button and wait for a while.
  • When the InstLife for PC is installed, you can open it from the home interface of the Emulator.


That’s all that this game has to offer. It’s out on Android for free. I suggest you play this game and meet your life partner if you can’t meet him/her in your real life 🙂

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