Gardenscapes is a casual game where your main objective is to maintain the beautiful garden in a grand mansion. To do so, you’ll have to build benches, hedges, fountains, statues, lampposts, trees, and many other decorative elements to give a unique look to your garden. While playing you’ll also be following an interesting story starring Austin, your butler.

It is a very entertaining game. It has charming graphics that perfectly suited to touchscreens. You take also take photos of your own garden and share them with other players.

Gardenscapes Features:

  • Match-3 puzzle game, you can swap the two adjacent elements and make a row
  • Lots of in-game characters, you can make friends with
  • A friendly pet who is always there to cheer you up
  • Each area in a garden with unique structures: mysterious mazes, broken fountains, an old mansion, etc
  • The super cool game can even play offline!

How to play Gardenescape Game:

Gardenscapes is relatively simple. You’ll need money and stars, to build new elements in your garden. To get money and stars, you’ll have to play a match 3 minigame (similar to Candy Crush or ToyBlast). The game consists of more than 100 different levels where you unlock a ton of content and can meet new characters. Every level has a goal, examples of which include a different number of elements (e.g., flowers, apples, pears, glasses of lemonade, mystery sacks, fishing floats, berries), locating garden gnomes, setting off firecrackers, digging up emeralds or removing ivy. Gardenscapes consists of a number of areas: Treehouse Area, Fountains Area, Maze Area. Players are challenged to complete different tasks and use a variety of decor items to create their own unique garden with the help of Austin the Butler.

Garden escape area

Gardenscapes: new areas task and activity:

Each area requires excellent players to reach one or more goals that lead to task completion over one or more days. After successful completion of tasks, players receive stars and used to complete activities in each area of the garden.

Activities require the successful completion of levels. Some activities result in players receiving awards of coins or boosters (I.e:., shovels, bombs, bundles of dynamite, TNT, rainbow blasts) while other activities impose a time delay on players. After the successful accomplishment of all activities in each area results in a “completed area.” Completing an area requires one or more days. Each day ends with a requirement for players to complete at least one level to advance to the next area or the next day.

Play Gardenescape On The PC With The Android Emulator:

To play the most interesting game simply get an Emulator to run Grandenescape files on your PC. See our Guide to choosing the Best Emulators for PC. Extract the file to your computer and install it. After installation, you must enter your Play Store credentials to activate it. In the search bar type Garden escape. A pop-up will appear just click on it and start installing it. Once it install you can open it and play the “Gardenescape” game.


Round-about 7.5 million people play Gardenscapes every day. In 2016 Facebook named it the game of the year. As of April 2017, ZDNet ranking it #11 on the Android game download list. The game produced total revenue exceeding $150 million. Players took advantage of it collect coins stars and enjoy it wholeheartedly!

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