Dig it! is a challenging puzzle game. Dig it tasks you with helping direct a series of balls into holes by simply swiping to remove sand and create tunnels for the ball to roll through.

Well, Dig it! is simple gameplay. Pretty soon you’ll have rocks and paddles to mess with, multiple balls to guide, and a variety of other obstacles and useful items to help you.

Relax! we’re here to provide you a bunch of tricks to help you get past that tricky level.

Dig IT

Dig it! Tips & Tricks:

  • Plan ahead:

If you want to avoid watching an ad you’ll want to plan ahead. Simply take a good glance at the ball and the hole and try and figure out the fastest, and safest, method of reaching the end.

  • Watch out for obstacles:

There are loads of obstacles that will prevent your ball from making it safely to the end of the level. Often, you’ll easily miss this because of similar colors to the sand. Always take a good glance for these first, and remove them if possible before moving on.

  • The ball follows the laws of physics

The ball respects the laws of physics, which means you need to create ramps for it to roll down and make sure nothing is ever truly horizontal. The last thing you want is to guide your ball right to the end of the level, only for it to stop just before it falls into the hole. Maddening stuff.

  • Not all obstacles are actually obstacles:

You can easily mistake all items in Dig it! for obstacles, but this can be so very far from the case. For example, in an early level, you can use a rock to fall onto a seesaw to propel your ball into the hole. There is a myriad of examples like this in the game. If you can’t beat it, use it.

  • Move only one ball at a time:

During levels where there are multiple balls to navigate, it’s easier to move just the one at a time. Otherwise, it just gets messy as you frantically try and prevent mistakes with three balls at a time.

How To Play Digit! On PC, MAC & Windows:

You can install Dig it using an amazing MEmu App. MEmu App Player is designed to provide the best and latest Android gaming experience on PC. When MEmu running, Android OS is ready for use. Easy to find and install your app in the Google play store. Open your Emulator app. In the search bar, type AquaPark.io and search. You will see Dig it the game icon. Click it. Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading. You will successfully installed Digit! app. Start playing the Game!


Digit is the best gameplay. Mobile games are much better if you prefer to play on a big-screen display. With MEmu, you can now run Crowd City on PC and enjoy playing it on a bigger screen. Is this guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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