We all know the bottle flipping trend… Everyone tries to flip a half-empty water bottle and make it land sitting up. Even LeBron James got in on the bottle flipping action. A lot of mobile games tried to capitalize on the viral trend but they were laggy or just not fun to play. Recently a new and latest bottle flip game has come out that is extremely satisfying to play. It is called Bottle Flip 3D. It is a mind-refreshing game.


How to Play Bottle Flip 3D on iPhone and Android

For some people flipping a water bottle is very hard. Luckily, the game Bottle Flip 3D makes it as easy as tapping your finger. That’s right, you can literally flip a bottle over and over again with the tap of a finger. Some objects like bookshelves break and make the bottle slide forcing you to think quick. Other objects, like lamps microwaves and toasters, light up or turn on as the bottle lands on them.

bottle flip for android

Once you tap your finger on the screen the bottle flips up into the air and lands perfectly. It is up to you to jumps correctly so that the bottle lands on an object and doesn’t fall to the floor. To get the bottle to flip different distances you need to utilize the double-tap. When you double-tap the bottle will make a second jump in mid-air. There is no triple jump.

Below you will find some helpful tips and tricks to help you beat all the levels in the game Bottle Flip 3D!

Bottle Flip 3D! Tips and Tricks:


  • You can flip twice before landing: 

As we explained in the beginning that you can actually flip twice before landing: once to get off the ground and once again to get in the air. In many cases, it will be vital to flip twice but sometimes you can use it to correct a mistake.

  • Look out for visual clues: 

You’ll find a lot of visual clues that will give you an idea of what will happen if you land on a specific thing. A bookshelf might collapse thanks to the added weight, a fan will blow the bottle across the table, or a skateboard will roll, carrying you to the end of the level.

  • Completing a level doesn’t have to look good: 

Though it’s nice to complete a level with style, making no mistakes whatsoever, it isn’t necessary. Just get to the end of the level any way you can – who cares if it looks good or not?

  • If you land on the bottle cap, you can only half flip:

You actually can land on the bottle cap. It’s difficult to pull off but it’s possible. It can put you at a bit of a disadvantage though, as you can only half flip to correct yourself.

  • Be wary of moving platforms:

Platforms can move, bounce and break you automatically, and a myriad of other animations that can mess with your perfect run. Pay attention to how they move so you can predict what’s going to happen next time.

What is The Hardest Level in The Game Bottle Flip 3D?

Most of the levels in the game Bottle Flip 3D are easy and straightforward. Although none of the levels are extremely difficult. There are definitely some levels that are harder than others. It is impossible to indicate which levels are the hardest in the game Bottle Flip 3D because each level number is different for different people.

How To Play Bottle Flip 3D On PC, MAC & Windows:

You can install Bottle Flip 3D using an amazing MEmu App. MEmu App Player is designed to provide the best and latest Android gaming experience on PC. When MEmu running, Android OS is ready for use. Easy to find and install your app in the Google play store. Open your Emulator app. In the search bar, type Bottle Flip 3D and search. You will see the game icon. Click it. Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading. You will successfully installed the Bottle Flip 3D app. Start playing the Game!


In theory, it’s simple stuff but in practice, things get pretty tough. You’ll have to land on moving platforms, tapping once again in the air to ensure you land in the perfect spot.  For one person the hardest level could come up at level 143 while for others the hardest level could come at level 131. There is no way to say for sure which level is the hardest. Comment below and share which level has been the hardest for you and share what kind of objects you encountered!