Windows 10 is a perfect platform for gaming since it has a catalog of thousands of games and several stores such as Steam that facilitate the installation process. But the offer of video games in Windows pales before the thousands of apps that are available in the Google Play Store. Bluestacks is a well-known emulator that allows you to enjoy the latest games and mobile operating system apps on your computer.

Bluestacks, the latest Android emulator update, brings a number of improvements that have led to a substantial increase in performance. The developers indicate that the new version is up to 6 times more powerful than the previous one. Thanks to this increase in performance, Bluestacks has become an excellent tool for playing Android games on PC.

Many people wonder if it is possible to use a wide variety of Android applications and games on a PC. Android applications cannot be downloaded and installed directly since they are different operating systems and will not recognize them, but there are programs that mimic the operation of Android on the PC that allow the use of most of them.

How to install any Emulator on your PC

The first thing we will need is to install an emulator on our computer, a program that will simulate an Android tablet on our screen. We can make it work on Windows and Mac computers. It is convenient to download it from the official Bluestacks site and not from other available pages that will confuse us with a multitude of advertisements and even with some unwanted download.

When we give ‘Download application’ (Download App Player) we must choose the destination folder where the installation files will be downloaded, for example on the desktop. Now we must execute it, preferably in administrator mode. To do this, we click on it with the right button and choose ‘Run as administrator’.

During the installation, which can last several minutes, we will accept the default options that you are requesting by giving ‘next’.

Register the new virtual device

When the installation is finished we will need to use a Gmail account to be able to access all the services. From that moment, the installed tablet works for Android as a new device and remember that to access all the applications of the App Store we must register it with a Google account.

As soon as we find an application and try to install it, it will ask us for the account, which may be a new one or the same one that we are already using on a phone or tablet.

After the registration process with your username and password, we can access the usual Play Store where we can find all available applications and games. The typical Google Play icon does not appear, at least in the version I know, but when we perform any application search it takes us to the well-known download site.

It should be noted that some applications will not work correctly, such as those that make use of mobile features and are not available on computers, such as the accelerometer, GPS or flash, but most work perfectly, including those that make use of the camera, for example.

Which Android Emulator is Best

Today we bring you a list of the 9 best Android emulators for PC, with the idea of ​​offering you different types of ideas when it comes to pursuing this concept. We have from the classic emulators to complete operating systems based on Android, through applications for developers and even the alternative of one of the largest companies in the world of videogames.

As always happens in this type of list, participants are based on their own criteria and the experience of those who write these lines. But it is very possible that he could have left me out of any that are worth mentioning, so if you think you know the one that should be on the list do not stop saying it in the comments.

Android Studio

Android Studio is a programming console with which developers can create and test their applications on Android. And as a very important part is precise to test what is being done, it comes with an emulator included in which you can try different versions of the Google operating system.

The positive part is that it is an official tool and you don’t have to worry about adware or getting dozens of preinstalled applications. But the negative part is that it is quite complicated to use for users with little knowledge, so you will have to take your time to learn the necessary steps to get it.


BlueStacks is one of the most veteran and well-known applications to emulate Android on the PC, and also the most complete with keyboard and mouse mapping for use in games. Their mission is to try to simplify their experience to the fullest, although precisely this popularity has made them make decisions that some will not like, such as putting too many pre-installed applications or making a paid version if you want to have all the options.

The application has an interface adapted to the PC desktop, so it does not look like Android but its games are used. It has multiscreen options with different instances to be able to use several apps or play several games at once, a system of points and prizes and uses Android 7 as a base.

MEmu Play

MEmu Play, formerly known simply as MEmu, is an alternative that has decided to focus on games. This means that all its experience and interface revolves around allowing you to use Android games as if they were for PC, although that does not prevent you from using other types of applications.

It has multiple instances for games to run separately and you can use several options at the same time, specific options on the sides of the window, and allows mapping the mapping to simulate screen touches or a command you want to connect. Its biggest point in favor is that it is adapted for both Intel and AMD processors, although it lags a bit behind in terms of Android versions, with support for Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop.


Another emulator focused on gaming, and that like the previous one has the typical options of mapping keyboard and mouse keys, using controls or configuring gestures on the screen in these controls. It has versions for Windows and macOS, is based on Android 4.4.2, a weakness for the old version, and is compatible with X86 / AMD.

Despite this outdated version of Android the app works quite well and is compatible with virtually all games, which you can use in full screen as if they were native to your computer.

KO Player

It is a relatively new Android emulator compared to others, and it also focuses on gaming offering options such as keyboard mapping, hardware acceleration, and OpenGL graphics engine. One of its strengths is that it allows you to record your games and then upload them wherever you want.

It has a fairly faithful interface to Android a few years ago, but with some modifications. It is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow already rooted, and in addition to games, it also allows to install other more conventional applications for more conventional use.


And for variety, BlissOS is another Android-based operating system that you can install on a computer or a computer partition to run it as an alternative system to Windows. Open source and with Android Nougat, Oreo and Pie versions.


There is one thing that alone makes these emulators worthwhile: performance. The functional approach between mobile ecosystems and desktop environments is increasing, it is normal for many users to look for ways to adapt these mobile environments to the computer and without a doubt these emulators have functions and configurations that make it unique and special, but all have something in common is that we can all enjoy the Android operating system on our computer .