All in One Cleaner is an amazing app that doesn’t remove every trace of junk and privacy files from your system. But it covers the major players. The main menu leads to the four major cleaners:

  • junk
  • Registry
  • history
  • startup

Each takes just a click to open. Startup Cleaner opens immediately with every item checked by default. You can easily add, delete, or edit any item in your startup list. The list is helpfully sorted by user and type of service.


The other three cleaners require quick scans before they’re ready to operate. The History Cleaner quickly cleans cookies, temporary folders, typed URLs, and select Windows system areas. The scans are easily stopped with a single click of a button. A simple touch that not every program provides. Each scan result list offers pulldown menus to select or deselect all and open Registry Editor or Explorer to investigate a result. Just a simple click and you’ll see properties of any item.

The History Cleaner can’t inform users after cleaning checked items. It neither presented a message nor update a list. Refreshing and Closing the list worked. But that was the only minor glitch in an effective, novice-friendly, and system cleaner.

All in One Cleaner (aio):